3 Replies to “145. How to replace an underperforming strata manager with an administrator”

  1. Absolutely disagree with the paying of commissions. It smacks of no work for fees which the banks were also guilty of ‘because they could’. Does this work need to be done? Pay for it! No insurance work is done during the year – commission is paid regardless.

    It is wrong.

  2. Hi, my name is Dilshani I have been pointed to be the chairwomen to look after any issues within the strata property. My issue is the fact strata manager doesn’t help or explain important information let alone ask us if we are happy to pay for this before it happens. We have major issues regarding the bathrooms leaking ceiling in three buildings and nothing has been done. Couple of the owners are sick and tired of complaining and nothing gets done. I have a whole in my calling done by one of the plumers after trying to figure out where the water leaking was coming from. I really need your help thank you

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